We care for Care

Salute e bellezza, per tutti

Health and beauty for everyone

Wellbeing isn’t a privilege, it’s a right.
We develop products which help people feel better and we provide pharmacists with tools and services so they can give customers healthcare advice, while maintaining their independence.

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Il nostro percorso, una storia unica

Our journey, our unique history

Created in 1982, the concept of Unifarco was simple.
To give pharmacists a wide range of affordable and sustainable health and beauty products that would enhance personal wellbeing.

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Numeri che contano

Our house welcomes more than 6,400 European pharmacies

With more than 6,400 pharmacy-clients in 6 European countries, we are the largest independent network in Europe.  We also have 21 patents, 6 brands and over 61,000 products are packaged every day. 

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We care for Science

The philosophy behind our formulas

All the choices we make, from raw materials to packaging, are motivated by safety and efficacy
The aim of our research is to deliver the best possible product, making no compromises but achieving a perfect balance between nature and science.

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Our laboratories: where it all begins

Six laboratories and more than 40 researchers, all science graduates. 
This is where we analyse and carefully select our raw materials, where we come up with and produce thousands of prototypes every year, and where we create our products.

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Our patents

We’ve got innovation in our DNA.
In fact, from 2005 to date, we have filed 21 patents.
And this is only the beginning.

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Our scientific network

Over the years, we have built up an important scientific network throughout Italy and abroad.
We work closely with doctors and specialists, interfacing daily with the top universities and the most prestigious research centres.

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We care for sharing

Una società fondata e formata da Farmacie

A company founded and made up of pharmacists

Our pharmacists are at centre of everything we do and we share the responsibility of a profession that is continuously evolving with them.

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La tutela dei Collaboratori

Protecting our workers

At Unifarco we believe in the importance of people and we protect their health by promoting long-lasting wellbeing.

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Il benessere diffuso

Teaching about wellbeing

We are committed to promoting wellbeing, so are also involved in publishing projects and partnerships to raise awareness of scientific tradition and research.

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Health & Beauty

We care for health & beauty

Unifarco’s mission is to create a culture of wellbeing and produce effective, safe and affordable cosmetic, nutraceutical and make-up products.
Ever since it was established, the Company has adopted an ethical, informed and sustainable approach.

Our brands

Farmacisti Preparatori

Research, partnership, trust

Pharmacist Formulators is a scientific community that shares the same professional ethics and mission: to promote the health and beauty of its customers. It develops cosmetics, food supplements and other products bearing the brand of the individual retail pharmacy, providing real solutions to people’s wellbeing needs.

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Active skin protection

Unifarco Biomedical studies the skin barrier to provide state-of-the-art solutions for skin problems. It develops innovative, hi-tech medical devices and dermatological cosmetics which can be used on even the most sensitive skin.
You can find it in pharmacies with the Ceramol brand.

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Intestinal barrier wellbeing

BIOMALIFE is the Unifarco brand which carries out advanced nutraceutical research.
The team works closely with a network of specialist doctors, biochemists and experts in the field to come up with pioneering nutritional solutions for a healthy gastrointestinal tract.

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Beauty is a natural principle

Dolomia is the only brand of phytocosmetic products which harnesses the natural power of the Dolomites to fight the effects of stress, pollution and skin aging. Dolomia skincare and make-up treatments help the skin become stronger and light it up with the colours of the Dolomites.

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Pioneers in self-correction

Created by a team of aesthetic medicine professionals, MyCli is the first brand in Italy to combine the top cosmetic anti-aging technologies with the most effective food supplements.

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Follow your health

KEYLIFE is a functional food brand that helps turn excess fat into energy and keep metabolic parameters under control.

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Pro-Longevity Cell Protection

Using genetic and epigenetic analysis, GenAge® customises intervention on your ageing process with precision nutraceuticals and support to help you improve your lifestyle. Developed in collaboration with Metodo Ongaro SA, doctors, geneticists and international researchers, GenAge® is ideal for anyone who wants to lead a healthy life now and in the future, stay fit as they grow old and live life to the fullest with enthusiasm and vitality.

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We care for the planet

The importance of sustainability

Since 1984, the traditions, colours, air, climate and dimension of time in the Dolomites have been part of our life. Just as sustainability is part of our life.

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How we make our products

The impact products have on the environment throughout their life is becoming more and more relevant in today’s world. Eco-design means manufacturing in such a way as to reduce this impact, extending the life of products and promoting circular recycling. 

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Environmental sustainability

The unique natural setting of the Belluno Dolomites National Park, where Unifarco began life and has grown, has always inspired our work.

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Social sustainability

Promoting a culture of wellness also means caring about the welfare of your employees. We care by supporting projects of social, historical and scientific relevance. 

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