Come realizziamo i nostri prodotti
Come realizziamo i nostri prodotti

How we make our products

If there is one word that describes how we make our products, this is Eco-design.
Every Unifarco product is conceived, studied and manufactured in a highly sustainable way and is assessed according to the principle of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), i.e. the analytical and systematic methodology that evaluates the environmental footprint of a product, throughout its entire life cycle.
Because we want to reduce our environmental footprint as much possible.


    We have developed an innovative in-house software package which evaluates over ten different parameters to identify the best combination of raw materials for each of our formulas in order to generate  the least environmental impact (CO2 eq.) while maintaining the same quality.


    We have always limited our use of secondary packaging and every year increase the amount of recycled plastic we use to package our products.


    We use eco-friendly packaging: our honeycomb paper and cardboard containers are FSC®-certified or made out of recycled material.


    We have merged three of our external warehouses into a single logistics hub located in Paludi (BL). We use local providers for most of our transportation needs.


    We were the first company to introduce a refill system for cosmetics in pharmacies, replacing only the recyclable plastic tub inside and reusing the outer jar.