La sostenibilità secondo noi
La sostenibilità secondo noi

Sustainability according to us

Unifarco was born in the light of great and majestic mountains, those Belluno Dolomites that are a UNESCO heritage site and never cease to inspire us.
Since 1984, the culture, colours, air, climate and sense of time of the Dolomites have been our life, and for us sustainability is first and foremost this: our life.

Anyone can see the condition of our environment today.

Concrete choices in accordance with our vision

Unifarco was created to spread the culture of wellbeing to as many people as possible, and for this reason we consider sustainability the first requirement for any choice we make.
Concrete actions, based on important and differentiating choices.

Our products

  • Our production processes were certified by external bodies to guarantee quality and efficiency;
  • We adopted a formulation philosophy based on significant research and development and certifications that ensure highest safety and environmental sustainability;
  • We carefully select and use all raw materials, starting with those in our products - such as water - and invest in the cultivation of natural essences, with a focus on biodiversity

Employees, suppliers and our territory

  • We guarantee equal opportunities, with corporate welfare that is attentive to the personal and family needs of our employees;
  • We distribute significant economic benefits to our suppliers, including those in the Belluno area;
  • We care for solidarity projects for local communities and populations in the most disadvantaged countries of the world, taking care of people's health and wellbeing;
Territorio unico

Benefit Company and Sustainability Report

In 2021 we became a Benefit Corporation and in 2022 our second Sustainability Report was certified by an independent body.


By 2022: begin offsetting of the CO2 emissions of the Dolomia products with EPD certification through the carbon credits scheme (carbon offsetting).

By 2022: begin designing a trigeneration plant to help reduce the company’s energy consumption (cooling, heat and power).

By 2022: finish replacing all traditional light bulbs with LED lighting at headquarters and begin analysing and implementing measures to maximise energy savings when the company is closed.

By 2023: introduce an experimental project to collect primary packaging used by end consumers in pharmacies so it can be reused.

By 2025: produce 35% of the plastic packaging used by the company out of recycled plastic.

By 2025: take the percentage of women occupying positions of management and responsibility (managers and department heads) out of the total workforce to 40%.

Consult our Sustainability Report