We care for the planet

La sostenibilità secondo noi

The importance of sustainability

Since 1984, the traditions, colours, air, climate and dimension of time in the Dolomites have been part of our life. Just as sustainability is part of our life.

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Come realizziamo i nostri prodotti

How we make our products

The impact products have on the environment throughout their life is becoming more and more relevant in today’s world. Eco-design means manufacturing in such a way as to reduce this impact, extending the life of products and promoting circular recycling. 

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Amare l'ambiente

Environmental sustainability

The unique natural setting of the Belluno Dolomites National Park, where Unifarco began life and has grown, has always inspired our work.

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Sostenibilità sociale

Social sustainability

Promoting a culture of wellness also means caring about the welfare of your employees. We care by supporting projects of social, historical and scientific relevance. 

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