Numeri che contano
Numeri che contano

Our house welcomes more than 6,000 European pharmacies

With over 6,000 pharmacy-clients in 6 countries throughout Europe, 19 patents developed in 40 years and 61,000 products packaged every day, 
we are the largest network of independent pharmacies in Europe. 

The shareholders

Ernesto Riva - Pharmacist and President, Founder
Massimo Slaviero - CEO. Founder
Luigi Corvi - Pharmacist and Sales & Marketing Vice President, Co-founder
Gianni Baratto - Pharmacist and Science & Research Vice President, Co-founder

Around 360 shareholder pharmacists - represented on the Board of Directors by Elena Lomolino, shareholder and pharmacist in San Giuliano Milanese (Milan, Italy)

Subsidiary and associated companies

Fondazione Unifarco 100%
Unifarco GmbH 91%
Unifarco S.L. 51%
Perlapelle S.r.l. 90%
Unired S.r.l. 72,5%
PM Pack S.r.l. 51%
Duephipharma 55%
Keylife 51%
Unifarmacia S.p.A. 71,2%
Farmacia Internazionale S.r.l. 100%
Unilab Immobiliare S.r.l. 100%
Metodo Ongaro Switzerland S.A. 40%

The Unifarco house

21,000 m2 of production facilities, laboratories and offices.

Over 500 employees at headquarters.
More than 140 co-workers throughout Italy (educational staff, advisors, beauty consultants, agents, etc.)

Over 6,000 client pharmacies
Italy 2,980 | Austria 360 | France 530 | Germany 870 | Spain 1,190 | Switzerland 100

Il 2021 in figures

6,7% growth compared to 2020
3,5 million Euros invested in research
1st sell out in pharmacy cosmetics market in Italy
5th sell out in pharmacy dietary supplement market in Italy
3rd sell out in pharmacy make-up market in Italy

Progetto europeo

Growing in Europe

Unifarco operates in Italy, Austria, France, Germany, Spain and Switzerland

Main headquarters: Santa Giustina (BL), Italy
Spanish headquarters:
German headquarters:


6 in-house laboratories
More than 40 researchers, all science graduates, who keep abreast of the latest, most important developments in the field
Numerous partnerships in Italy and around the globe
20 patents


1.800 tons semi-finished goods produced a year
60.000 products packed a day
12.500.000 pieces produced every year

Our brands

Farmacisti Preparatori

Research, partnership, trust

Pharmacist Formulators is a scientific community that shares the same professional ethics and mission: to promote the health and beauty of its customers. It develops cosmetics, food supplements and other products bearing the brand of the individual retail pharmacy, providing real solutions to people’s wellbeing needs.

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Active skin protection

Unifarco Biomedical studies the skin barrier to provide state-of-the-art solutions for skin problems. It develops innovative, hi-tech medical devices and dermatological cosmetics which can be used on even the most sensitive skin.
You can find it in pharmacies with the Ceramol brand.

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Intestinal barrier wellbeing

BIOMALIFE is the Unifarco brand which carries out advanced nutraceutical research.
The team works closely with a network of specialist doctors, biochemists and experts in the field to come up with pioneering nutritional solutions for a healthy gastrointestinal tract.

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Beauty is a natural principle

Dolomia is the only brand of phytocosmetic products which harnesses the natural power of the Dolomites to fight the effects of stress, pollution and skin aging. Dolomia skincare and make-up treatments help the skin become stronger and light it up with the colours of the Dolomites.

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Pioneers in self-correction

Created by a team of aesthetic medicine professionals, MyCli is the first brand in Italy to combine the top cosmetic anti-aging technologies with the most effective food supplements.

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Follow your health

KEYLIFE is a functional food brand that helps turn excess fat into energy and keep metabolic parameters under control.

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