We care for care

Salute e bellezza, per tutti

Health and beauty for everyone

Wellbeing isn’t a privilege, it’s a right.
We develop products which help people feel better and we provide pharmacists with tools and services so they can give customers healthcare advice, while maintaining their independence.

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Il nostro percorso, una storia unica

Our journey, our unique history

Created in 1982, the concept of Unifarco was simple.
To give pharmacists a wide range of affordable and sustainable health and beauty products that would enhance personal wellbeing.

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Numeri che contano

Our house welcomes more than 6,400 European pharmacies

With more than 6,400 pharmacy-clients in 6 European countries, we are the largest independent network in Europe.  We also have 21 patents, 7 brands and over 61,000 products are packaged every day. 

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