Tutela dei collaboratori
Tutela dei collaboratori

Protecting our employees and staff members

Taking care of the people who work with us is a priority at Unifarco. 
We do it on a daily basis and intend to do even more, turning our thoughts and ideas into action.


Launched over 5 years ago, we want to make the difference with this wellbeing project, applying all our technical and scientific expertise for the benefit of our employees.

Salute a cuore

All-round wellbeing

The project is still evolving. Our activities focus on nutrition, exercise, personal care and inner wellbeing in order to promote a correct and balanced lifestyle, ensure we all grow old gracefully and prevent problems that could develop into serious health issues. 

Benessere totale

Their health matters to us

Every day we meticulously select the food we serve in our canteen and the products we stock our vending machines with, while encouraging our staff to exercise regularly.